State of the Industry - Printing Ink
The National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers' (NAPIM) State of the Industry reports are prepared by the NAPIM Management Information Committee on an annual basis. These reports are presented yearly at the NAPIM Annual Convention. These reports are designed to cover the following, ink manufacturing industry specific information:
Global and Industry
A summary of the top business issues and concerns from ink manufacturers and suppliers regarding: GDP growth,foreign trade, currency valuation, overall economic activity, healthcare, etc.
Revenue and Growth
A year on year comparison of ink and supplier sales, print sales and sales tracking of specific ink types
A year on year trend analyis of the profitability of ink, raw material supplier and printing companies
End Use Markets
Covers sales trends in ad pages, metal cans, corrugated substrates and polymer substrates
Foreign Trade
Detailed information regarding printing ink import and export market - both current and historical data
Env, Health and Safety
A summary of the Federal EHS regulations currently affecting the printing ink and supplier industries