Food Packaging Market and Regulatory Compliance Impact - September 2016

In late 2015 NAPIM entered into a partnership with the Print Industries Market and Research Organization (PRIMIR) to produce the 2016 North American Food Packaging Compliance: Impact on the Printing Industry. The study focuses on data and trends for North America (Mexico, Canada and the U.S.) in the primary food packaging segments. It provides a historical overview of recent trends and insights into trends through 2020 for the major food packaging segments. This study includes a focus on pre-packaged food and beverage (i.e., off-the-shelf retail foods). The goal of the study was to focus on ‘critical risks’ and needs in order to provide real value in risk reduction to suppliers, converters and brand owners.
Anyone interested in the food packaging market space will find this a valuable resource in understanding current marketing dynamics.

This comprehensive, informative and valuable study is complete and free to all NAPIM members
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