Vertical Post Mixer Safety

ANSI Safety Safety Standard Currently being revised - June 2017
The purpose of this standard (ANSI B65 177.2) is to provide standardized guidance, advice and recommendations to both equipment designers and equipment operators aimed at reducing the risk of injury to personnel during the operation of vertical post mixers. The information contained in this standard is intended to be used in conjunction with the development, implementation and maintenance of process-specific in-house safe operating procedures, safety training, inspection and maintenance programs, and other accepted means of minimizing hazards associated with the operation of vertical post mixers. The 2011 standard is available through the American National Standards Institute.
British Coatings Federation Dispersion Safety Guide
This document, developed by the British Coatings Federation is intended to provide advice on the safe operation of dispersion machinery and equipment used in the manufacture of paint, printing ink and allied products. It focuses primarily on the risks associated with the use of dispersion equipment and does not attempt to include all risks associated with ink and paint manufacture. BCF Dispersion Guide
Shaft Guarding - Example Designs
Safety Training Video

Responsive image The 2007 Vertical Post Mixer Safety Training DVD is now available. This important training tool explains and demonstrates the safety features and safe operating procedures prescribed in the 2006 ANSI Safety Standard B177.2 Printing Ink Vertical Post Mixers.

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Mixer Safety Devices
Responsive image Complete description of all required VPM safety devices
Emergency Stop Devices
Responsive image The purpose, function, operation and location of VPM eStops are demonstrated
Proper Operating Procedures
Responsive image This video clearly demonstrates the proper operating procedures for safe VPM operation.
Training and Equipment Maintenance
Responsive image This video details the proper training and maintenance procedures as oultined in the ANSI VPM Safety Standard Z177.2.